Coronavirus Business Update

Coronavirus Business Update

Coronavirus Business Update

As every single one of you are fully aware, the coronavirus is currently wreaking havoc across the UK and many other parts of the world. As of last night, Boris Johnson has finally decided to put the country on a bigger lockdown due to people failing to listen to the advice to stay home, or at least stay away from each other.

As a result, many businesses across the UK have either decided, or been virtually forced, to shut up shop until further notice. So I guess I'm here to talk about our business and what we plan on doing during this lockdown.

Coronavirus Business Update: Why We've Decided to Remain Open

We find ourselves in a rather unique position as a business in comparison to many others. For a start, we only work from home. There's no warehouse, no staff members other than those who live here, and I'm not sure Isabelle counts as a staff member as much as she does try to help via her modelling abilities.

Teddy Eva Scents

We also make very little contact with anyone else when it comes to sending orders out. For those that don't know, I actually work for Royal Mail. So when we send packets out I literally take them to work fully bagged and ready to go. There's no contact with post office staff and there's no contact with people that I wouldn't already see via me attending work.

The one thing we will change during this lockdown is that we will only send orders out on days that I'm in work. So that'll be Thursday, Friday or Saturday. If you ordered on a Saturday night, then you would have your order sent out Thursday at the earliest. No biggie really.

We will continue to do this until any of the following happens:

  1. One of us develops a cough or a high temperature and are at risk of contracting the coronavirus.
  2. I go off work for whatever reason, likely to be the reason listed above.
  3. Royal Mail decides to stop deliveries.
  4. Someone tells us that we have to actually shut up shop.
  5. We just fancy closing the shop.

It's basically down to the individual whether they order or not

At the end of the day, no one is making anyone buy our wax melts. We completely understand at the moment that not many people are going to want to purchase wax melts as everyone is probably being a little more careful with their money, or don't want postal workers making unnecessary trips to their homes.

Also, truth be told, we barely sell that much a few days after a restock anyway. So I very much doubt any of this is going to make any real difference as we won't get many sales over the coming weeks. There's a part of me that thinks we should just shut up shop because we won't actually have many sales anyway. But then when would you open back up? Three weeks time? Longer? Who knows.

If the risks are minimized, which we feel they are, and Royal Mail is still operating, then there's not really any reason not to allow the shop to remain open.

There's also the fact that we want to use this business to help our community when they need it most!

At the end of the day, we're fully aware that wax melts aren't a necessity at a time like this. Yes, people are likely stuck in the house with very little to do. So maybe having a little stash of wax melts will be of some use. But it's not needed.

Teddy Eva Scents Food Bank donations on orders

What is needed, however, is support to local food banks in our area. And it's only going to get worse. Food banks have already started closing and many have even said they will be unable to make emergency food parcel deliveries for the foreseeable future.

I'm in contact with one of the members of our local food bank and I'm ready and willing to do whatever I can to help ensure people don't go without food and other much-needed supplies during this critical time. We said we would be putting aside 15% of the money from sales from the latest restock to help with local food banks, and thanks to you lot, we now have £210 ready to help the community in whatever ways we can.

Obviously things can change at any time

The information around the coronavirus changes all the time. If the government make any new announcements regarding online retailers of non-essential items, or Royal Mail stop delivering, then we will, of course, close the shop. Feel free to follow us on Instagram, which I'm guessing you may already do, to see any further updates.

As always, stay safe!

Much love,

Ross and Rachel

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