Teddy Eva Scents #1 - Starting a New Wax Melt Business

Teddy Eva Scents #1 - Starting a New Wax Melt Business

Teddy Eva Scents #1 - Starting a New Wax Melt Business

Well, we're now a couple of weeks into making the decision to start our new wax melt business venture in Teddy Eva Scents, so I thought I would also start a new weekly - give or take, it definitely won't be weekly! - blog to give you a little bit of an insight into what we've been doing as we progress the business. I have absolutely no idea if I'll be able to bring any sort of value to you with these posts, but I guess we'll see.

Our new wax melt business, Teddy Eva Scents

Starting a Wax Melt Business - Teddy Eva Scents

I've always been the type of person who doesn't like doing things half-arsed - unless maybe it's the hoovering. When I make the decision to start something - like this blog - then I go ALL IN. With the blog, it took a matter of days for me to register a domain, start the website, all the social media accounts and consume everything I could about the blogging world.

Before Rachel was even pregnant with Isabelle she had the idea of starting a wedding dress shop. An idea that I ran with and quickly went balls deep into without even thinking too far ahead. I even wrote a post for Business Wales about it. I registered it as a limited company, had a business plan written and was all ready to dive in.

Ultimately, it failed before it even got off the ground - partly due to money and Rachel getting pregnant - and a little over a year later I was back on Business Wales talking about the failure of the wedding dress shop and the pursuit of the blog.

And here we are. Another idea and another jump into the deep end. Only this time things feel different and we both genuinely feel like we can make this a longer-lasting success.

An array of wax melts. Everything from bakewell tart, cola cubes, blueberry & vanilla, snow fairy, alien and vanilla. All for Teddy Eva Scents

Why start a wax melt business?

I guess this might be a question that some people might have, and if it's not then sorry in advance for wasting your time. But I'll answer it anyway.

Jumping into the vastly saturated market of homemade wax melts might seem like a slightly weird choice to make for two people who don't have any experience in the industry. And if I'm totally honest, I don't really have an answer to the question "why wax melts, though?"

When I started the now-unused-cleaning-account on Instagram I also started to enjoy wax melts for myself. Not only that, I genuinely thought it would be fun to do ourselves. Perhaps something we could even do as a family thing. I'll admit, I also thought it would have the potential to work as clearly many people love wax melts. If we could eventually earn a small amount of money - like £50/60 a week - then I may be able to drop another day at work and get to spend more time with the family. That way Isabelle can even help out!

Making Wax melts with Isabelle for Teddy Eva Scents.

I just really love the process of almost anything. I love starting something up, coming up with ideas, doing the design, getting taken out of my comfort zone and because I'm a bit weird, I love making spreadsheets. Of course, those traits could apply to anything and isn't exclusively related to wax melts.

As for Rachel, starting a creative little business like this has always been something she's wanted to do. She really likes things that smell nice, look nice and she loves the idea of making things. She loves giving things a go and hopefully with her passion for the creative making side and my passion for the more practical behind-the-scenes type stuff, we'll make a decent team!

The first few weeks into running a wax melt business

Considering we've only really been running this business for a few weeks - the first Instagram post was December 29th - I think we've done incredibly well!

We already have a lot of stock that we've made ready for when we launch. We've got around 2000 boxes ready for our packaging, roughly 8kg of shredded paper, god knows how many sheets of tissue paper and 100+ oil burners ready for sale too! We even had a little trip to IKEA that cost us £170.

Making a trip to IKEA to purchase boxes for our wax melt business Teddy Eva Scents.

By jumping right in and giving everything a good go, we're very quickly learning our lessons and adjusting as we go. We already do quite a few things differently when we "cook" our melts now compared to when we initially did them. And that's what it's all about: making the mistakes, learning from them and adjusting.

When will we actually be selling wax melts?

This is a question we get all the time on Instagram - which is totally fair by the way - so I thought I'd try my best to answer it here.

Selling wax melts is about a lot more than just making wax melts. You have to sort out a website, do the CPL labelling, have your packaging sorted, but you also want to make sure that the product that your selling is of a high enough quality that everyone doesn't instantly go "this is shit, I'm out!"

For that reason, we'll hopefully be selling around mid-to-late February. I dare say there'll be some hiccups when we launch. I dare say in six months time we'll operate differently from how we do now.

At this stage of the business, our key focus is the smell. Does it smell nice, and does the smell last on multiple burns? Almost everything else is simply a bonus.

As much as we want the wax melts to look nice and come in a lovely little package - which is part of running a wax melt business - I guess we understand that the package gets thrown in the bin - or the recycling bin hopefully - and the wax melt literally gets burned. You can constantly keep rethinking the packaging and how it's presented as you go along. But nailing the scent has to come first.

When we're trying to see where we can spend money on the wax melts we make, we will always put as much money as possible into the scent. I know there are limits to how much fragrance oil you can add, and we're obviously not going to go over those limits, but we'll always try and add the most we can to make sure the scent is never compromised. I'd never want to reduce the costs on the fragrance just to put that money into glitter or a bow.

What's coming up next for Teddy Eva Scents?

As I'm writing all this, we're currently away at Bluestone. If it wasn't for this little break we'd likely be progressing a lot quicker, but it's nice to get away, reset a little and then come back to it full force. Although I am still doing some work. Here's a first glance look at what the sticker on the clamshells may look like.

Caramel Vanilla wax melt - by Teddy Eva Scents. A family run wax melt business. #SmellsLikeNilla

We both really like it! Obviously it might still change. And it will only be the vanilla wax melts with the "Smells like Nilla" hashtag. The others will likely just have @TeddyEvaScents or something. Feel free to give your input on this, we're always happy for feedback, positive or negative.

While we're away, though, we're going to try and decide on 10 fragrances to launch with. We were going to go with 20 but feel like we'll be making things a little bit more difficult for ourselves when we've never done this before. So maybe it's best to keep it simple.

We still have to buy a printer that can handle custom sticker printing. Then buy more oils that we want to run with as our initial stock, sort the website out, start making the CLP labels, buy the mica powder as we need that for the designs we have in our head and then really push to making the products for launch!

I'll try and write this blog every now and then to give you a little more insight into what's going on with this little wax melt business. I'll probably forget about it though. Sorry in advance. But feel free to follow us on Instagram to see what's happening. We're almost on 2000 followers which we're chuffed with! So thank you so much to everyone who's already there!

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