Why You Might Want to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Why You Might Want to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Why You Might Want to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Let's be honest, the vast majority of us love a nice smelling home. More often than not, it's not enough to just clean your home or simply open a window, sometimes we want a long-lasting scent to fill the house with a scent that we love. Maybe that's why people often use scented wax melts or candles. But, which one is better?

Would you rather use a typical candle or go with a wax melt? Well, as someone who runs a company who literally only make wax melts and haven't quite ventured into candles yet, I'm here to give you 5 reasons you might want to pick wax melts.

What's that? I'm probably biased? Well, obviously. But feel free to read on.

Why You Might Want to Pick Wax Melts Over Candles

Wax Melts are usually cheaper than candles!

Generally speaking, candles require more materials to make than wax melts. That usually means they're more expensive. Candles require wax - don't say it! I know melts do too! - as well as the other things that melts need in fragrance oil and possibly some sort of colour - we do love a bit of mica for that shimmering colour. But candles also require a container and a wick. Both of which can add that little bit extra to the cost!

So why bother paying for a glass container when you can pay just for what you really want, the wax itself!


You can lower your impact on the environment with wax melts

Going on from the fact that wax melts contain fewer materials than candles, comes the notion that if you lessen the amount of material used, you also lessen your environmental impact. Obviously.

Of course, it's not like wax melts are perfectly eco-friendly. Nothing is. Well, maybe tress and stuff like that are. But everything we make requires materials, transport and is in some way adding to a person's carbon footprint. But, if sourced correctly, wax melts can have a lower impact on the environment than candles!

Sometimes wax melts arrive in clamshells which are often non-recyclable. Which is why it's always better purchasing wax melts that either use very little to zero packaging, compostable bags, or recyclable wax melt clamshells. Which is exactly what we do! Go figure. Here's an example of one such bag of teddy bears in a compostable bag!


Wax melts usually have a better scent throw than candles!

I'll make my position on this clear from the start: I think candles SUCK for giving off a good scent throw. Unless you're reading this waaaaaaay into the future and I've forgotten to edit it and we now sell candles too! In which case I have to say that candles are utterly amazing and you should totally buy them!


I genuinely don't see the point in using candles for fragrance as I don't feel like they really give much off in regards to scent. They have a much smaller melt pool - as a wax melt is literally getting melted in full - and when they do have a larger pool the candle melts stupidly and leaves a load of wax up the side that you have to trim. It's a bloody nightmare and it annoys me greatly.

Maybe I've just been buying poor candles, and in fairness, we did have a Jo Malone one once (I know, proper posh bastards) and that one was great! But I ain't paying those prices when I could just buy - or make - a melt instead! Like I could be using a load of lovely wax melts from a family-run business. Where could I find them? Oh wait...

Alien clamshell from Teddy Eva Scents

Wax melts can be safer to use around children!

The beauty of melts in comparison to candles is the simple fact that they can be used without any fire. Of course, many people do go with a traditional flame-based burner, but the option of using an electric one is also there. In essence, you have a choice of wax melt burners when using a wax melt in comparison to a candle.

The use of an electric burner can limit the chance of a fire occurring on the off chance a child knocks over a burner. Of course, wax melts should probably be burned out of the reach of children, but we all know accidents can still happen. So having an electric burner is a safer option than an exposed flame of a candle.

Wax melt burner from Teddy Eva Scents

Candles have much more waste than wax melts

Ever bought a massive candle and been super excited to light it? Then you find after a few lights it's either mushroomed or there's loads of unused wax up the sides of the candle as the burn pool tunnels down the wax? Yes, there are tips and tricks you can do in order to prevent some of these things, but the fact will remain that candles have more wasted wax than melts ever will.

Not only that, but there's also the waste in terms of the materials used. Which I understand I've probably already covered so I'll leave it at that.

Actually, I pretty much think this entire point has already been made. But I've written it now. And I wanted to write a list of five, so I had to write something. I know, I've wasted your time and mine, so I'm very sorry! Why don't you order some wax melts to make up for it and just add a note that I wasted your time and I'll chuck something in for free.

Sorry in advance if I forget the freebie. Just remind me to give it to you! Honestly. Or you can check us out on Instagram and see what we're up to. Probably something totally unmissable. Maybe.

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If you've never tried wax melts before, or perhaps you've only ever used candles, then this post will give you 5 reasons to give wax melts a go! Via @TeddyEvaScents

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