What Are Wax Melts? What they are and How to Use Wax Melts

What Are Wax Melts? What they are and How to Use Wax Melts

What Are Wax Melts? What they are and How to Use Wax Melts

If you're reading this post then there's a strong chance that you might be wondering what are wax melts? Or maybe you already know what they are, but you might be wondering exactly how to use wax melts? Well, luckily for you, I'm here to answer the very basics that surrounds wax melts and give you a little bit of a breakdown as to what they are and how you use them.


What Are Wax Melts? - What they are and How to Use Wax Melts

In essence, a wax melt is a wickless candle. Rather than being lit via a flame on a wick as you would with a candle, a wax melt is simply melted in a wax melt burner - which can be either electric or via the flame of a tea light - to give off a scent in the same way a candle should. Unlike candles though, the wax doesn't actually melt away, but instead, the scent does.


How do you use a wax melt?

I guess I've kinda already answered how to use a wax melt in the paragraph outlining what they are. All you have to do is remove your wax melt from its packaging - perhaps you have a clamshell - and place it in a wax melt burner. Then, as you might be able to guess - you either light a tea-light to place under the dish of the burner or, if it's an electric burner, simply turn it on.

The wax will slowly begin to melt, sometimes giving you a very cool shimmering melt pool to watch, and gradually give off a fragrance that should fill your home/room.


How long do wax melts last? The Burn Time

Well this is a difficult question to answer as wax melts vary from place to place and it might also depend on how much wax melt you add to your burner. But I can try my best to answer how long ours should last.

How long a wax melt lasts is often referred to as the burn time. This basically just means how many hours can you burn a wax melt for until the fragrance oil has all been evaporated and it's nothing more than just wax. The burn time is actually rather hard to say as everyone has a different sense of smell and even the burner you use can affect the burn time.

How to use wax melts - how using a higher heat can reduce the burn time of a wax melt

Once the fragrance has all been burned away - or when you simply fancy a change - all you have to do is remove you wax melt from the burner and it's ready to take a new one.


How to remove a wax melt from a burner

There are two popular ways of removing a wax melt from a burner, and I'll let you in on a little secret: I use NEITHER of them!

So option one is to light a tealight under your burner as you normally would, wait a minute or so, pick the burner up and slide the wax melt straight out into the bin - or your chosen place to put it. Now to me, that's proper mental. I'm not picking up a burner with a tea light ON FIRE! I will very likely burn myself and perhaps die. Maybe that's me being drastic - STANDARD - but it's a possibility!

Option number two is just as ludicrous. You melt ALL of the wax - so yes, you light it, wait for it to ALL melt because you have that kind of time - and then grab a COTTON PAD and bang it in the top to absorb all the wax. Simply keep wiping until all the wax is gone... you know, basically the same premise as wiping your butt... minus the intense heat.

Again... This method is utterly MENTAL. I do not have the time nor the patience to sit there waiting for the appropriate amount of time until the wax has melted enough to be absorbed by a bloody cotton pad, of which I have none. Then what? Drip it all across the floor as I walk to the bin? Pick the burner up - WHICH MIGHT BE HOT AGAIN - and carry that, along with said cotton pad, to the bin to dispose of the mess that is now likely spread across the house. NO SIR. I'm not falling for that one.


How to ACTUALLY remove a wax melt using the Ross Method

Yes, that's right. I'm calling it the Ross Method. But it's honestly the only sensible, completely safe, foolproof way of removing a wax melt. And I'll break it down:

  1. Grab your burner
  2. Grab a knife
  3. Knife your wax melt around the edges until it wants to come out
  4. Slide that stuff into your chosen place to dispose of it - likely the bin
  5. Scrape off any excess without dying or stabbing yourself - consult an adult
  6. Give your burner - that has NO FLAME YET - a wash under the tap
  7. Dry it VERY WELL with a teatowel
  8. Put in a new wax melt - preferably a Teddy Eva Scents one because you like me
  9. Enjoy the fact that you just did all that safely and without wasting any time
  10. Tag @TeddyEvaScents on Instagram to talk of your success

It's really that simple. No messing with flames, no dripping wax around the house, no waiting for the wax to melt so you can remove it only to melt some more wax. Just knife it out and get on with your day.


I hope this highly informative article enlightened you in some way. Either by answering "what are wax melts" or perhaps now you know how to use wax melts. Or maybe you just know how to properly remove them without wasting everyone's time. Either way, I hope you enjoyed it.

Oh, and if you happen to want to buy a wax melt or two - don't lie to me, I know you buy them from somewhere, is it Yankee? Don't do that to me! - then why not have a look at the one's we have for sale! I mean you don't have to, but you can at least take a look, it's only polite after all.

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