What's Coming in 2021 From Teddy Eva Scents

What's Coming in 2021 From Teddy Eva Scents

What's Coming in 2021 From Teddy Eva Scents

Well hello there! With 2020 nearly over - I can hear a collective "thank God" from everyone - I thought I'd give you lot a little bit of an insight into what MIGHT be coming Teddy Eva Scents in the new year! Obviously there's still a 13% chance that aliens will arrive in the near future, so it's unlikely any of these things will happen. But I remain hopeful that they'll at least be friendly when they arrive. Perhaps they even like a nice smelling room? So we might be ok. Anyway...


What's coming in 2021 from Teddy Eva Scents

So without further ado let me come at you with a sexy little list.


Reed Diffusers

First up is Reed Diffusers! We actually have the bottles, the boxes, the reeds and of course the oils, the only thing we dropped a bollock on is the base itself. We accidentally bought a commonly used base that's actually tested on animals. We didn't know this until we read the safety data sheet, and as such, we don't want to use it.

I was actually a little surprised to see a LOT of people using the animal tested base without any mentioning of it. Could we have just been a little misleading and not mentioned it? Of course. But screw that. So we need to find a animal friendly one and then crack on with the making!


Hand Soap

By hand soap I mean the bottles of soap. Not like blocks of soap. And we actually have a bunch of these pretty much ready to go. The only thing stopping us so far is the labelling - I'm guessing we want a glossy label and not a paper one - and a box to put them in. Could we just bubble wrap them? Sure... but it wouldn't look very sexy would it?

So we need to get a glossy label on them and then splash water at them to see if it works, then get a box made to hold them and we're good to go!


Room Sprays

Much like the hand soaps, the room sprays are ready to go. The only thing holding us back on these is... I'm not actually sure. We've tested the Snow Fairy one around the house and we like it, the only thing we're not as fussed on is the bottle. It's just a bit plain. But it does the job.

We currently have two scents: Snow Fairy and Spring Awakening. So we may launch with them and just see how things go.


More Gift Boxes

We've kinda dabbled in this anyway via the Secret Santa boxes, the Sweet Shop boxes and the Birthday Boxes, but doing more gift boxes is certainly something we want to do more of. We've also decided that from here on out we're going to over-make the subscription boxes by quite a bit and then do them as one-off gift boxes too. It means it'll be easier for us to know how many to make, and also give people the option of having just the odd box without the commitment. Although they won't be quite the same price as the subscription box itself as they have postage for free.


Weekly Giveaways

Here's an easy one I want to do: weekly giveaways every single Friday. At the moment we've just been doing them a few days before a restock, but from now on I want to do a 2 day giveaway every Friday. Hopefully we can also find a load of other small businesses to get involved and help support them too while also giving you guys something to win every week.


Candles... Maybe... Probably Not...

So we might start testing candles... Or we might not. This is entirely down to two things: Rachel and time. Candles seem to take a lot more time to get right than wax melts do. There's more to do in regards to testing the melt pool, the burn time, making sure it doesn't tunnel, getting the scent throw right, not clogging the wick and all the other stuff I sometimes see in candle making groups on Facebook.

I'm an overly optimistic person who naturally assumes everything is easier than it really is. So it's probably a lot harder than "bang wick in, pour wax, let wax cool, done" but maybe we'll see. Perhaps over the summer when we have more time as things will likely die down sales wise, we might dedicate time to giving them a go.


Well... That's what you can expect in 2021 from Teddy Eva Scents

Obviously there might be a lot more changes that come and other things that we do. We may opt to dabble in candles, start making bath bombs or who knows what. This time last year this business was barely an idea in my convoluted head. And if 2020 taught us anything is that we have absolutely NO idea what a year might hold. Either way, I guess we'll have to wait and see!

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