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Gift Boxes

Looking for wax melt gift boxes? Perhaps you want to buy a gift box for someone special who happens to like wax melts? Well we might have some ideas to help you out!

Wax Melt Gift Boxes

Our gift boxes can change quite often so you never quite know what we'll have in stock. Generally speaking, we almost always have mystery boxes available. Other than that, who knows what gift ideas we'll have for sale.

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Teddy Eva Scents £20 Mystery box
Wax Melt Mystery Box Sale price£20.00
Story Time Candles
Story Time Candles Sale price£20.00
Teddy Pot Sample Box
Teddy Pot Sample Box Sale price£12.00
Story Time Bundle
Story Time Bundle Sale price£24.00
Sold outChristmas Mystery Box
Christmas Mystery Box Sale price£20.00
Sold outMini Secret Santa
Mini Secret Santa Sale price£10.00
Sold outSpicy Story Time Bundle