Clearance Bag Information

Looking to grab yourself a bargain? Well you're in the right place. All of our clearance bags are anywhere between 45-60g with the waffles being approximately 100g.

You may notice that they are all wrapped in plastic, but fear not, it's FULLY COMPOSTABLE! That means that this packaging disintegrates into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in 10-12 weeks in standard composting conditions!

You may also be wondering why these products are in fact clearance? Well our clearance products are here for one of a few possible reasons.

One: we messed up slightly in the making process and didn't quite get the right amount of fragrance oil that we wanted. Sorry, we're only human!

Two: We wanted to go with all teddy's for the sample box range so opted to list the other wax mets here.

Three: Isabelle discovered them in the reading room and either bashed them a bit with her shoe or shook the jar like a possessed child trying to get the last penny out of a piggy bank.

Like with all other products on this store we are still fully CLP compliant and insured.