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Challenge Isabelle: Swan Lake Teddy Clamshell

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Our 6 year old daughter Isabelle REALLY wants to go to watch Swan Lake, so I've issued her a challenge! She has to turn £20 into enough money to buy TWO tickets to Swan Lake - sorry, she has to buy a ticket for one of us too!

So she has to turn her £20 into £213, which is basically a 965% increase on her original money. Hopefully, by doing this we can not only show her that money doesn't grow on trees and you have to work for it, AND how you can reinvest money and hopefully do something and turn it into more/

How she's doing so far...

Part One: The first thing she did was turn £20 into 10 of our Teddy Clamshells which managed to get her £50.

Part Two: Isabelle took her £50 and negotiated with me for 11 bundles that she sold for £7.50 each, giving her £32.50 profit and putting her on a total of £82.50.

Part Three: With her £82.50 she got "bought" 85 Teddy Pots from me which we sell for £1.50 each - netting her an extra £45 and putting her on £127.50.

Part Four: Isabelle opted to jump right back into Teddy Pots and wanted to include her fairy, Felicity, in the pot design. She managed to get 130 Teddy Pots which - after they all sold - got her to £195.

Part Five: In what should be the FINAL part in this challenge, Isabelle has taken her £195 and actually bought TWO items that are for sale. First of all she bought 30 Clamshells from me and has made a Swan Lake Teddy Clamshell.

Then she took her remaining money - £120 - and bought TEN ballerina burners.

And that's it!

Isabelle managed to get to £400 and bought the Swan Lake tickets, leaving her with £187. She's now opted to start her own collection called Fairyland.