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Mini Bath Bombs Tub

Sale price£3.99

Do you like having a fizzy bath but hate using one big bath bomb? Then rather than going with something like our Bath Donuts, why not go with a tub of Mini Bath Bombs instead?

Mini Bath Bombs: Our Plastic Free Small Bath Bombs

Each tub weighs over 100g which should equate to 9-10 mini bath bombs.

Simply add 2-3 bath bombs per bath and that should do it. Naturally, if you want to go overboard then you're more than welcome to drop the lot in. They just won't really last that long.

You should be able to get 3-4 fragranced baths out of these small bombs - not literal bombs - so thst's roughly £1-1.33 per bath.

Not sure if you wanted this presented in a cost per bath basis, but that's how you're having it.

How to use our mini bath bombs

I'm not going to lie, using bath bombs is pretty straight forward enough. But allow me to allobrate:

  1. Open the kraft cardboard tub containing the bath bombs
  2. Take out 2-3 mini bath bombs
  3. Throw said bath bombs into the bath
  4. Add water - this step can also be completed before adding the bath bombs and is VITAL to ensure you have an adequte bath.

You probably didn't need that information did you?

Our bath bombs are also plastic free. Instead of having the shrink wrap they'll come in a little brown reusaeble tub. The same tubs that we use for our Teddy Tubs.