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Spicy Story Time Candle

Sale price£22.00

We've already done our perfectly normal Story Time Candles so now it's time to do the whole "Teddy Eva Scents" thing and make it a little more "spicy." Oh, and we've even got a few sex toys that you can add on to this with a bonus £10 off to make it even spicier.

Spicy Story Time Candle

All in all, you get the following:

  • The Book of your choosing
  • Paired Candle
  • Bar of chocolate
  • Bookmark
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Optional £10 discount off an adult toy

Then you can ADD our Teddy Eva Scents wand and get a bonus discount on it. We used to do this Story Time Candle WITH the toy, but then we realised that some people would already own the toy and then can't come back for a spicy book with a candle. So now it's an add-on.

This might be a decent gift for any BookTok fan.



Spicy Story Time Candle
Spicy Story Time Candle Sale price£22.00