The Charity Clamshell

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Type: Clamshell

Welcome to the Charity Clamshell!

It's a wax melt with the sole purpose of being sold to give 100% of the sales directly to charity. The charity will change every time that we do it, but the ethos will stay the same:

100% of the sales from the Charity Clamshell will be going to charity!

So this is the charity we'll be supporting this time:

Four Different Charities!


We're doing four as we did a Charity gift box and felt like doing a Teddy Clamshell on its own too. Here they are:

  • Latch Children's Cancer Charity
  • Breast Cancer Now
  • It's on the Ball
  • DKMS Blood Cancer Charity

As we have been doing the Charity Clamshell for a while now, we thought we'd be as transparent as possible and show all the charities it's supported in the past:

Past Charities Supported:

  • Local Food Banks = £100
  • NCT = £180
  • Brain Injury Rehabilitation trust = £100
  • Dinky Dragons = £100
  • CoppaFeel! = £220
  • Local Food Banks = £100
  • Refuge Charity = £100
  • Latch = £120
  • Alzheimer's Society = £120
  • MHMW = £120
  • Kicks Counts = £120
  • Hospice of the Valleys = £285
  • Dementia UK = £250
  • Cancer Research = £365
  • Help for Heroes = £210
  • Penny Appeal (Build a Well) = £300
  • Ukraine Appeal via Red Cross = £675
  • Red Nose Day = £120
  • Bloody Good Period = £114

Total Donated = £3694

We try to post the donations on Instagram so they should be available on our highlights. The only reason we do so is so people actually know that the money is going where we say it's going.


Teddy Clamshell Details

Size: Our Teddy Clamshells currently come in two sizes as we gradually phase out the Extra-large size. We have our newly designed Teddy Clamshell which is 85g and then our Extra-large Teddy Clamshell is over 100g.

If you're unsure about trying our clamshells, then why not try our Teddy Pots instead!

Wax: Our wax is 100% soy wax mixed with mica powder to colour it and give it that shimmer!

Our products, to the best of our knowledge, are all vegan and cruelty-free. If you have any specific concerns then please get in touch.


If you're reading this then chances are you're wondering about what our delivery services are like and how long things might take to arrive. I'll give you a simple version and then I'll break it down a little more:

Dispatch time:

Usually anywhere from 2-5 Days depending on order volumes. If you order ON the night of a restock, or the days following, then your dispatch time WILL be longer than if you order a few weeks later. So restock dispatch times are anywhere from 2 to 10 working days from when you order. I wish we could get them out quicker but we are a small team and stick to the same ethic of making every order personal.


How are orders sent:

All of our orders are sent via Royal Mail and the majority of them will be sent Tracked 48. If you spend over £30 then this will be Tracked.

International Orders

We are very new to sending international orders, so we are currently seeing how they go. They will be sent via Royal Mail and their international service. USA & Australia will go via their tracked service and EU orders standard. They "should" arrive within 3-5 days for EU - that's what Royal Mail say but I'd be shocked - and then 5-7 days for USA and Australia. Again, I'd be shocked by that.

Custom chargers

There is a STRONG chance that you will get a customs charge and fee upon getting your items. We are NOT registered for the IOSS service for applying tax on international orders. We will look into it, but as of right now we are not. This means items go DDU. Which means Delivery Duty Unpaid. If you do get a customs fee at the end please let us know.

If you ask for a TikTok video:

On the off chance you were to request a packaging video on TikTok - feel free to do so via the order notes if you want one, don't forget to leave your @ though! - then your order will very likely take longer to arrive.

This is mainly due to the fact that these orders tend to be skipped by Rachel & Jenny and left for me - as in Ross - to do. There's no guarantee that it'll get packed on TikTok, but it may take a little longer to be sent. I do try my best to get as many done as I can, but sometimes I just can't do them.

If you have any questions related to the delivery of orders, then feel free to get in touch via the "Contact Us" page.


General wax melt information: Some products may vary from the photos shown as all of our melts are handmade and may get slightly different colour results.
Freebies: All orders will come with a freebie. This is often food related. If you have an diary or allergy requirements please let us know in your order notes.

Weights: Weights are approximates but more often than not the actual weight will be more than what we have listed. The quoted weigh on items is for the wax itself and doesn't include the clamshell weight. Feel free to pop the wax out on a weighing scale and check.

CLP & Safety: All wax melts are CLP compliant and we are fully insured. CLPs are available on each product before you purchase via the images, any questions the feel free to get in touch.