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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Then perhaps you'll find the answer here. If you can't find what you're looking for then feel free to email us at


If you want to make an account then you basically have to click "create an account" which can be found either via the weird person icon at the top of the page, or via the little present icon at the bottom. That'll sign up as a Teddy Eva Club member where you'll get Teddy Points! Want to know more about Teddy Points? I'm sure in it's this FAQs somewhere.

The Teddy Eva Club is essentially a loyalty rewards programme. You can sign up via the little present icon that should be on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Just by signing up you'll receive 10 Teddy Points. For every £1 you spend in store you'll also gain 1 Teddy Point. And when it's your birthday we'll also give you 50 Teddy Points!

You can then redeem these points on the website. You get £1 off for every 20 Teddy Points that you collect. Minimum spends do apply.

General & Random

Honestly, that's exactly how writing the answers to these FAQs feels like. Like seriously, all of these questions and answers are probably going to take me a good 2+ hours to sit down and write. It's actually currently 11:15pm as I'm writing this one. I'm literally sat up in bed with the kids and Rachel asleep talking about trees falling in the woods.

I'm excellent at making good use of my time.

In all seriousness though, these questions are important to someone. But yes, in theory a tree would still make a sound. Technically it's a stupid quesiton as things happen all the time without us witnessing it. The bloody world formed and we hardly saw any of that.

It's actually award winning. At least in my head.

But nah, whoever told you that it's amazing is a bonafide liar. But if you want to join the newsletter then head over to substack and you can find it there!

Don't worry, I'm as shocked as you. But yes we are!

We're a legit registered company that you can find via Companies House if you so wish. Our company number is 13209273. You'll find both myself and Rachel as directors. Which is bullshit if you ask me. She should be sub-director and I should be "Super Director" but apparently you can't list yourself as that.

We're also VAT registered - which is lovely and extremely fun - as of August 27th 2021! Our VAT number is 387671739.

Do you want my dental records now and doctors notes? I used to take citalopram back in the day, then sertraline, now I just sniff bum every Wednesday. Is anyone still reading?


And we're also an employer. So believe it or not but I have to pay into someone's pension and do all legal stuff that employers have to do. Isn't that cool?

Too long. It's annoying. Stop asking really useless questions and it would be a LOT quicker!

Who told you!? But yes, yes we do. It's called the Ross and Rachel show and it's available in places where people get podcasts. You know, like Spotify or iTunes maybe.

It's probably a bit shit as it's just me and Rachel talking shite for a while. But there we go.

Well... I'm not going to toot my own my trumpet, but some would easily describe me as "adequate" when it comes to the looks department. I've even overheard someone say "he's a little cutie" but there's a chance they meant Archie.

Either way, if you like to look at men who have that rough sexiness to them, a rasping sensual voice and the body of a pristine athlete, then you're in the wrong fucking place mate.

"I was talking about Rachel"

Oh piss off.

Easy. Tiger. And for two reasons.

One: I think I could take a tiger. It's basically a big cat with big teeth. Duck and dive, take the back, get under the neck, bye bye kitty. But if I was to lose then it would be a quick death. And super manly too! People would talk about me for years.

Two: Bears literally just start eating you without killing you first. That sounds horrific.

Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate that you find me unbearably attractive, and I'm VERY sorry that I keep you up at night thinking about me - but I am in fact MARRIED. If for some unforeseen reason that situation changes then I will post my availability online and people may submit applications to woo me.

Monthly Subscription Box

Yes we do! And I like to think it's alright. I mean we try really hard to have some fun with it.

You can sign up to one via the "Monthly subscription box" page.

It's basically a themed box every month with 4 Teddy Clamshells and some "extras" that usually tie in with the month's theme. I'm proper shit at putting out content related to the subscription box, but if you look "Teddy Eva Scents subscription box" up on YouTube then you might find some unboxings.

No. You're tied for life now, sorry about that!


Of course you can! Honestly, we don't mind. Well, unless all of you did then I'd be like "YO WTF" but if you do want to cancel you can either do so via your account - the easy, less-hassle-for-me way - or by simply emailing me at and I'll do it for you.

But yeah, people cancel all the time so it's fine.


Ok, well that's not technically a question. But I know what you mean. If you still haven't received your order, then feel free to drop us an email at and we'll try to look into it for you.

Usually, I would recommend giving two weeks after your DISPATCH notification before getting in touch, as that's the time frame Royal Mail give to consider an order lost. But we can still look into it for you and see what it says via the Royal Mail track & trace.

To be fair, we'll only be able to give you the same information that you can get from Royal Mail. So you'll say "Hey, where's my order, Royal Mail says it's still stuck in Cardiff, can you check for me?" and we'll say "Ah yeah, Royal Mail says it's still in Cardiff like."

Not gonna lie, sounds like a waste of both our time.

In the event of an order actually going missing then we'll get it sorted for you.

In the possible event that one of us have cocked your order up and forgotten to add something, then feel free to get in touch via our email at and we'll try and sort it out for you. Just please try not to be super "business-like" with it.

We run a very casual operation here so feel free to put "Ross you twat where's my Teddy Pot" as the subject line and it'll make it all the more fun!

Also, try and provide us with your order number, what's missing, any possible photos - of the order, not your 2006 holiday to Cyprus you spanner - and any other relevant information you think we may require. If you could also take a photo of the missing item then that would be excellent and also proof that you have it and you LIED TO ME GODDAMNIT


I donno. Maybe. What's the point in me answering this? To be fair, some of our melts are shit, but people keep buying them, which is annoying. I've been trying to stop selling a LOAD of cleaning ones but people are like "Ross, make my house smell like it's clean" and I'm like "WASH IT YOURSELF!" But nooooooo I have to provide clean smelling wax melts.

Anyway... Here's a link to TrustPilot where you can find reviews off fellow humans.

All I'll say is that we honestly try our best. We don't want to make shit products. We don't want you to be sad and waste your time and money on us. We don't cut corners and I genuinely try hard at least 65% of the time. The other 35% I'm probably day dreaming.

Yes. Indeed they are. They even have the little identification number on so they can be identified as PET plastic and recycled in the same way a bottle of pop can.

We also try to use biodegradable or recyclable material in our packaging. The only time we don't is if we've been sent something and it contains non-recyclable bubblewrap for example, then we'd much rather reuse it than chuck it out.

Any questions regarding recyclable materials then feel free to get in touch via

I guess it depends on how you want to use them. If you want to use them to make a ragù on a Friday night then no, definitely not. Don't do that.

But if you want to remove the wax melt from the packaging, gently place it in a sensible wax melt burner with ONE unscented tea light that's away from any flammable materials. away from children or pets, and you haven't added water to the burner then yes, they absolutely can be safe.

Any issues with anything just give me a shout via email or Instagram or something. Just not Facebook, I hate Facebook messenger.

Umm... this is always a hard one as it totally depends on what pet you have. A lot of vendors simply go with "our products are 100% safe around pets" but it's never as simple as that.

For a start, perfumes are generally considered to be a no-go when it comes to birds. They have sensitive respiratory systems so perhaps lighting a scented wax melt around them isn't the best idea. Maybe if they lived in the loft and you wanted to light one in the kitchen, then that would be fine.

Also, for all I know you have a dog who's allergic to linalool or something. So don't go buying a wax melt that contains linalool.


I will say that we used to make these melts at home around two dogs, and we also light wax melts in the rabbits room - yes we have house rabbits who have a room - and they've all been fine.

So in short... it should be fine, but it all depends.

Three Cubs Bakery is the brownie side of the business. We have our level two food hygene trainging and we're a 5 for our hygene rating. For an up-to-date rating you can find it via the Food Ratings website.

We don't currently have an actual shop, and it doesn't have its own website. Maybe in the future it does and I haven't updated this yet. It's September 4th 2023 as of this writing.

Piss off.

Shipping & Returns

If you have any questions related to delivery, then we do have a dedicated "Delivery Information" page just for that.

But basically we charge £3.75 for delivery on all orders under £30. Unless it's a subscription box which has free postage.

And if you spend over £30 we offer free delivery. Then it'll also be sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48.

Delivery time varies, but we AIM to dispatch within 2-3 working days.

Sometimes this can be longer at periods of higher volumes of orders, or other circumstances. After all, we are still a small family-run business.

Why yes we do! And it's £1.50!

If you happen to be fortunate enough to live in the NP11 - and some NP12 - postcode areas, then if you place an order with us, you may very well get to see this drop dead gorgeous face at YOUR front door!


Yes, yes we do.

Well, not everywhere. Like we don't do New Zealand. It's not personal it's just super expensive. But we do ship to Australia. Don't blame me, blame Royal Mail. If you have a mate in Australia they could take it for you and jump on a boat to deliver it?

But in short, if you're in the EU, America, Canada or Australia then yes, we can ship to you.


Our email is

We do offer free collection for anyone who's willing to travel and pick and order up. We should have your order ready within a couple of days of the order being placed.

In order to collect your item you will have to turn up within our opening times. We will just say that these aren't guarenteed as we're a small team and something might come up - sickness etc - that means the unit is closed. Feel free to get in touch if needed before collecting.

Here are our opening hours:

Monday 9 am–2 pm
Tuesday 9 am–2 pm
Wednesday 9 am–2 pm
Thursday 9 am–2 pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed