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Looking for something new? Maybe you've been with us for a while and you're bored of all the previous ones and you're after something we've never done before. Well you're in the right place! Here you'll find all the stuff that we're doing for the first time over the past month or so. As you might expect, this will be updated when we do new stuff. Hopefully.

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Long-Length Candle Matches
I'll be honest with you, I feel like this is more "<em>verbena</em>" than it is "<em>citrus</em>." I mean it's there, but it's subtle. It's like someone got hit with an orange and then washed their clothes, rather than smothered themselves in orange juice WHILST doing the washing. That would be cooler. But nah, they rolled around in a field of verbena instead.
This wax melt is inspired by a certain cleaning lady who works with a certain washing brand. You know, they do scent boosters and unstoppable things - <strong><a href="">we do loads of them.</a> </strong>Whilst I'm here, what's the difference between the Unstoppables and the scent boosters? Anyway... This one is Coastal Cyprus - <em>with some orange blossom</em>.
Coastal Cyprus Sale priceFrom £1.50
After Hours wax melt
After Hours Sale priceFrom £1.50
Secret Dazzle - Lenor dupe wax melt
Secret Dazzle Sale priceFrom £1.50
Immerse in the emo essence with 'Can You Feel My Heart,' a wax melt inspired by Bring Me The Horizon and infused with the luxurious notes of Tom Ford's Noir. A symphony of bergamot, violet, leather, and patchouli, this fragrance is for those who resonate with the depth of emo music and scent."
Can you Feel My Heart Sale priceFrom £1.50
Enchanted Spring
Enchanted Spring Sale priceFrom £1.50
Chariot of Clouds
Chariot of Clouds Sale priceFrom £1.50
Rose Wonderland
Rose Wonderland Sale priceFrom £1.50
Ever wanted to sniff a deer? Well best of luck, they're incredibly hard to catch. Not that I've tried, but every time we got close to a Muntjac Deer it would dart off and run away. Oh, on a side note, this is also a SMELL ELIMINATOR wax melt - so not only will it cover bad smells, it'll remove them too.
Majestic Muntjac Sale priceFrom £1.50
Baby Emo Teddy Pot
Baby Emo Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
In the Shadows
In the Shadows Sale priceFrom £1.50
Soirée of Secrets
Soirée of Secrets Sale priceFrom £1.50
Twilight Temptations
Twilight Temptations Sale priceFrom £1.50
Bubble Baby Teddy Pot
Baby Alien Teddy Pot
Midnight Fantasy
Midnight Fantasy Sale priceFrom £1.50
This Emo-inspired wax melt will not only bleed, but it'll BLEED BLACK 🖤 it's also a dupe of Opsis by Diptyque. Infused with Middle Eastern spices, soft raspberry, and a rich base of leather and musk, it's a scent spectacle for the senses.
Bleeding Black Sale price£1.50
Let's Lay in the Dead Grass just gives me an adventurous vibe. It's the part of me that wants to live out of a van on the road. That wants to wake up to sun rises on cliff sides, and fall asleep to dying campfires at starlight. I just love the lyrics from the song that inspired this one...
Let's Lay in the Dead Grass Sale priceFrom £1.50
Moonlit Majesty 120ml Reed Diffuser
Emo inspired wax melt - My Chemical Romance
So Long and Goodnight Sale priceFrom £1.50
Dark Plum & Rhubarb 150ml Room Spray
Lemon & Lavender 150ml Room Spray
Fresh Linen 150ml Room Spray
Do you like having a quick blast of freshness in your room via a spray bottle? Well welcome to our 150ml room sprays! This one is Calpol!
Fresh Stoppable 150ml Room Spray
Kreed 150ml Room Spray
Kreed 150ml Room Spray Sale price£12.00
Tylwyth Teg Eira (Snow Fairy) 150ml Room Spray
Anti-Bac Teddy Pot
Anti-Bac Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Baby Powder 150ml Room Spray
Dettol 150ml Room Spray
Starry Night 150ml Room Spray
Savage 150ml Room Spray
Savage 150ml Room Spray Sale price£12.00
Sold outAlien 150ml Room Spray
Alien 150ml Room Spray Sale price£12.00
Rachel's Crotch Teddy Clamshell
Sold outThe Beginners Gift Box
Sold outPina Colada Teddy Clamshell
Sold outTwinkle Twinkle Teddy Pot