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Weird & Wonderful

Welcome to our Weird & Wonderful range! This is where we create custom blended wax melts that you MIGHT not find anywhere else. Some of them are weird, some of them are wonderful. But welcome to Teddy Eva Scents.

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Baby Fairy Teddy Pot - custom blended baby powder and snow fairy wax melt
Baby Fairy Sale priceFrom £1.50
Baby Fever Teddy Pot
Baby Bergamot Teddy Pot
50 Shades of Sherbet wax melt sample
Sold outTwinkle Twinkle Teddy Pot
Baby Cherry Teddy Pot
Bossy Baby Teddy Pot
Arctic Spa Teddy Pot
Baby Claus Teddy Pot
Sparkle Shoe
Sparkle Shoe Sale priceFrom £1.50
Icelandic Coffee Teddy Pot
Babyccino Teddy Pot
Babyccino Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Cheshire Cat's Mystery Teddy Clamshell Details
Cheshire Cat's Mystery Sale priceFrom £1.50
Baby Alien Teddy Pot
Bubble Baby Teddy Pot
Baby Emo Teddy Pot
Baby Emo Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
50 Shades of Sherbet - Weird sexy wax melts
Arctic Spa Teddy Clamshell
Icelandic Coffee Teddy Clamshell
Rachel's Crotch Teddy Clamshell