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Naughty Extras

Do you like novelty adult snacks? A little bit of a cheeky naughty extra? Well then you've arrived at the right place.

Novelty Adult Snacks - Naughty Extras

Here you'll find all sort of different edible cocks, vaginas, boobs, and even the odd anus. Honestly, it's a bit of a weird collection, but it sure is fun!

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blow job mouth spray
Blow Job Mouth Spray Sale price£2.99
After Dinner Willies
After Dinner Willies Sale price£5.99
Blow Job Mints
Blow Job Mints Sale price£2.49
Save £0.24Penis Pasta
Penis Pasta Sale price£4.75 Regular price£4.99
After dinner nipples - adult chocolate
After Dinner Nipples Sale price£5.99
peppermint peckers - novelty adult mints
Stress Breasts
Stress Breasts Sale price£4.99
Peppermint Nipples Mints
Peppermint Nipples Mints Sale price£2.49
Dick on a stick - Teddy Eva Scents adult snacks
Dick on a Stick Sale price£2.50
X Rated Candies
X Rated Candies Sale price£2.50
Edible Candy Pussy
Candy Pussy Sale price£2.49
Do you like fun adult novelty biscuits? Well let us introduce you to our dunking Boobie Biscuits! They're traditional British made shortbread biscuits with a fun, adult twist.
Boobie Biscuits Sale price£5.49
Candy cuffs - out of the box
Candy Cuffs Sale price£2.99
Dunking dickies - dick shortbread biscuits
Dunking Dickies Sale price£5.49
Sold outGummy Kama Sutra
Gummy Kama Sutra Sale price£3.99
Sold outSucculent Hard Willies
Succulent Hard Willies Sale price£3.99
Sold outJelly pussies - novelty adult sweets for those that want a raspberry flavoured jelly vagina
Jelly Pussies Sale price£3.99
Sold outBoobie Pops
Boobie Pops Sale price£2.50
Sold outStressticles
Stressticles Sale price£4.99
Sold outJelly Willies
Jelly Willies Sale price£3.99
Sold outDo you like eating bumholes? What about a chocolate covered bumhole? Well then you might like eating a little bit of edible chocolate anus!
Edible Anus Sale price£4.99
Sold outMarshmallow Willies
Marshmallow Willies Sale price£3.99
Sold outCola willies - what's in the box
Cola Willies Sale price£3.99
Sold outJelly Boobs
Jelly Boobs Sale price£3.99
Sold outJelly Super Sperm
Jelly Super Sperm Sale price£3.99
Sold outSexy Jelly Men
Sexy Jelly Men Sale price£3.99
Sold outAdult snacks - Choclits
Choclits Sale price£4.99
Sold outGummy Condoms
Gummy Condoms Sale price£3.99
Sold outProsecco Willies
Prosecco Willies Sale price£3.99
Sold outGummy Ball Bands
Gummy Ball Bands Sale price£3.49
Sold outChocolate Body Pen
Chocolate Body Pen Sale price£4.99
Sold outChocolate cum covered pop
Chocolate Flavour Cum Pop Sale price£7.99