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After Dinner Willies

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Do you like a bit of cock after dinner? Fuck it, why not innit. Well if you do, why don't you tell your partner in this VERY SUBTLE way, by literally noshing off a mini mint filled one as they watch on.

Simply dance your tongue around the tip like it's trying to do the cha-cha. Glide it all the way down the dark chocolatey shaft. Suckle on those balls like you're trying to get the last bit of flavour out a gobstopper and BITE THAT MOTHER FUCKER.

That's it, get your teeth deep into that thing and let those white juices flow all over your tongue you nasty, cock hungry who...

Sorry, too far?

Ok. I'll stop.

After Dinner Willies

8 willies filled with creamy mint fondant filling.

Weight: 72g

After Dinner Willies
After Dinner Willies Sale price£5.99