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Are you looking for fruit scented wax melts and home fragrance items? Well this is our "fruit" collection. You may have guessed that.

Fruit Scented Wax Melts & Home Fragrance

Dive into our variety of fragrances, including classic favourites and exotic blends.

Whether it's the refreshing aroma of green apples or the exotic sweetness of mango, our fruit wax melts are designed to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere in any space.

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Black Cherry wax melt with Teddy Eva Scents
Lemon and Lavender Teddy Pot
Goji Berry & Blood Orange Teddy Pot
Do you like the idea of being transported to a tranquil tropical location? Then why not accept that that's not going to happen any time soon and just buy a wax melt sample that'll hopefully replicate the smell instead!
Dark Plum & Rhubarb Teddy Pot
No word of a lie, Lime Basil and Mandarin has been one of our favourite wax melts ever since we first smelled the fragrance oil. If you've never tried this one, or perhaps you're unfamiliar with Jo Malone dupes in general, then honestly you should give this one a go! And at 99p for a single pot, you can't really go wrong!
Avobath Teddy Pot
Avobath Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Sold outBlueberry and Vanilla Teddy Pot
Black Raspberry & Vanilla Teddy Pot
Sold outCoconut Lime Teddy Pot
Coconut Lime Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Dreamy Dusk - wax melt sample
Dreamy Dusk Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Sold outThai Lime & Mango Teddy Pot
Pink Fizz & Pomelo is a fizzy, fruity, and fancy. If that's what you're after then you've found the right wax melt!
Black Cherry Teddy Clamshell
Butt Naked Teddy Pot
Grenade Noire Teddy Pot
Grenade Noire Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Lemongrass & Persian Lime Teddy Pot
Strawberry Rhubarb Teddy Pot
Lime Teddy Pot
Lime Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Blueberry & Cranberry Teddy Pot
Vimto Teddy Pot
Vimto Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Apple Teddy Pot
Apple Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Sold outBlueberry Muffin Teddy Pot
Lemon and Lavender Teddy Clamshell
Cuban Tobacco & Oak Teddy Pot
Unicorn Sparkle Teddy Pot
Raspberry & Peppercorn Teddy Pot wax melt
Sold outBlack Raspberry & Vanilla Teddy Clamshell
Strawberry & Lily Teddy Pot
Love spell - a sexy smelling Valentine's day wax melt
Love Spell Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Pomegranate & Cherry Blossom wax melt - antiseptic dupe
50 Shades of Sherbet wax melt sample
Hungry Herbivore Teddy Pot
Apple & Blackcurrant Teddy Pot
Avobath Teddy Clamshell
Avobath Teddy Clamshell Sale price$7.00
Peach Bellini Teddy Pot
Peach Bellini Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Lime Basil and Mandarin Teddy Clamshell
Sold outDark Plum & Rhubarb Teddy Clamshell
Pina Colada Teddy Pot
Pina Colada Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Sold outBlueberry and Vanilla Teddy Clamshell
Bergamot & Patchouli Teddy Pot
Sold outNothing quite says "summer" like an ice cold refreshing raspberry lemonade, does it? Well unluckily for you, you can't drink this one. But you can smell it as a wax melt.
Bangkok Bliss Teddy Pot Wax Melt
Bangkok Bliss Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Picture the zest of lime on the rim, the salt crystals twinkling like little stars, and the smooth, deep flavour of tequila — that's the heart of a classic Margarita, and it's precisely what we've bottled into our Margarita-inspired wax melt.
Margarita Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Grenade Noire Teddy Clamshell
Sold outLime Mojito Teddy Pot
Lime Mojito Teddy Pot Sale price$2.00
Do you like the idea of sniffing a doughnut made out of apples? Or is it a doughnut with an apple stuffed in it? Either way, this is an Apple Doughnut wax melt, and I'm about to describe it to you.
Strawberry Rhubarb Clamshell