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Spa & Relaxing

Looking for a wax melt that takes you back to being at the spa? Or simply something to chill out and relax to? Then perhaps this is the collection for you. Don't get me wrong, you won't find any "Netflix and Chill" at Teddy Eva Scents - we're not that sort of website - but you might find something to light during the evening to help you forget that you have a house full of kids who seem like they want to kill you.


Spa & Relaxing Wax Melts

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Chariot of Clouds
Chariot of Clouds Sale priceFrom £1.50
Enchanted Spring
Enchanted Spring Sale priceFrom £1.50
Den of Dreams
Den of Dreams Sale priceFrom £1.50
Ever wanted to sniff a deer? Well best of luck, they're incredibly hard to catch. Not that I've tried, but every time we got close to a Muntjac Deer it would dart off and run away. Oh, on a side note, this is also a SMELL ELIMINATOR wax melt - so not only will it cover bad smells, it'll remove them too.
Majestic Muntjac Sale priceFrom £1.50
Thai Lime & Mango Wax Melt Details
Thai Lime & Mango Sale priceFrom £1.50
Me Time
Me Time Sale priceFrom £1.50
Pandora's Box Teddy Pot
Lavender Teddy Pot - wax melt sample
Lavender Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Bedtime Baby Teddy Pot
Eastern Escape Teddy Pot
Avobath Teddy Pot
Avobath Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Lavender & Whipped Shea Teddy Pot
I Will Follow You into the Dark
Persian Bazaar Teddy Pot
Have you ever wanted to sit in a spa on the foothills of Mt. Fuji? There's a soft breeze coming in from the coast, the sight of pink honey blossoms hang over head as you dip your toes in the spa pool. Well, we might not be able to physically take you to Japan, but we can attempt to mentally take you there with this wax melt.
Asian Zen Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Mediterranean Oasis Teddy Pot
Egyptian Amber Teddy Pot
Egyptian Amber Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Do you like the idea of being transported to a tranquil tropical location? Then why not accept that that's not going to happen any time soon and just buy a wax melt sample that'll hopefully replicate the smell instead!
Coconut Lime 120ml Reed Diffuser
Bali Bliss Teddy Pot
Bali Bliss Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Avobath Teddy Clamshell
Avobath Teddy Clamshell Sale price£4.99
Bedtime Baby Teddy Clamshell
Bedtime Baby Teddy Clamshell Sale priceFrom £4.99
Egyptian Amber Teddy Clamshell
Seaside Teddy Pot - wax melt
Seaside Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Asian Zen is a wax melt with a very obvious floral hit. It has a heart of honey blossoms and tulips that mix with a slight hint of ozonic notes and musk. Combine that with top notes of fresh yuzu, cassis and a sprinkle of eucalyptus and you have a relaxing, spa-like scent that MIGHT just take you to a spa in Japan.
Eastern Escape Teddy Clamshell
Lemongrass & Persian Lime Teddy Pot
Do you like the relaxing, calming scent of Lavender? It's not for everyone, but if you do like lavender then this is our wax melt of it.
Lavender Teddy Clamshell Sale priceFrom £4.99
Mediterranean Oasis Teddy Clamshell
Aloe & Cucumber Teddy Pot
Lemongrass & Lime 120ml Reed Diffuser
Bali Bliss Teddy Clamshell
Lavender & Whipped Shea Teddy Clamshell
Lemongrass & Persian Lime Teddy Clamshell
Sold outPersian Bazaar Teddy Clamshell
Sold outCoconut Lime Teddy Pot
Coconut Lime Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Sold outBlack Amber & Lavender Teddy Clamshell
Sold outBlack Amber & Lavender Teddy Pot