Delivery Information

If you're reading this then chances are you're wondering about what our delivery services are like and how long things might take to arrive. I'll give you a simple version and then I'll break it down a little more:

Dispatch time: 1-10+ Days depending on order volumes and when you order

How are orders sent: Our standard delivery is Royal Mail second class. We also offer Tracked 48 via our "Priority" delivery which also means you'll get your order packed sooner as we will go through the "Priority" orders on a restock first.

Since we now do a monthly restock our dispatch times are different to what they were before. Prior to moving to a monthly restock we would usually dispatch all orders from 1-3 days after the order came in. But now it's more like 1-10+ days depending entirely on the volume of orders, where you happened to be in those orders and what shifts Rachel has to work.

For example, if you're in the first 30 orders on a restock - or ordered Priority - then chances are your order will be sent the very next day. If you're one of the latter ones, then it might be 10 days before it's sent. We do honestly try our best to get things out quickly, but we don't work up the unit every single day as my wife also works as an A&E nurse... so when she's in work I'm home with the kids.

Also... Could we get things sent out quicker? 100% we could. But we take pride in making all orders as personal as we can. I try to do a bunch of orders packed on TikTok and every single order comes with a handwritten note, and yes, sometimes I go front and back on that thank you card. That's why we love it when people leave us notes too. You talk to me for a while, I'll be damn sure to talk to you for a while too. You've been kind enough to part with your hard earned money in exchange for more than just wax melts.

So yeah... any questions just drop us a message I guess.