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Around the World

Following on from how much we enjoyed doing the "Around the World" theme for our subscription box, we thought we'd make it into its own collection! So this is where we'll try and take inspiration from places all over the world to give you some global scents!

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Bikini Season
Bikini Season Sale priceFrom £1.50
When in Rio
When in Rio Sale priceFrom £1.50
Mercado Mágico - o<em>r Cheirosa 68</em>
Mercado Mágico Sale priceFrom £1.50
Cheirosa 62
Cheirosa 62 Sale priceFrom £1.50
Coco Encantado
Coco Encantado Sale priceFrom £1.50
Macadamia Dream
Macadamia Dream Sale priceFrom £1.50
Carnival Charm
Carnival Charm Sale priceFrom £1.50
Bangkok Bliss Teddy Pot Wax Melt
Harvest Retreat Teddy Pot
Mediterranean Oasis Teddy Pot
Have you ever wanted to sit in a spa on the foothills of Mt. Fuji? There's a soft breeze coming in from the coast, the sight of pink honey blossoms hang over head as you dip your toes in the spa pool. Well, we might not be able to physically take you to Japan, but we can attempt to mentally take you there with this wax melt.
Asian Zen Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Eastern Escape Teddy Pot
Harvest Retreat Teddy Clamshell
Eastern Escape Teddy Clamshell
Mediterranean Oasis Teddy Clamshell
Bangkok Bliss Teddy Clamshell
Bangkok Bliss Teddy Clamshell Sale priceFrom £4.99
Asian Zen is a wax melt with a very obvious floral hit. It has a heart of honey blossoms and tulips that mix with a slight hint of ozonic notes and musk. Combine that with top notes of fresh yuzu, cassis and a sprinkle of eucalyptus and you have a relaxing, spa-like scent that MIGHT just take you to a spa in Japan.
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb Sale priceFrom £1.50
Peruvian Paradise Teddy Clamshell
Arabian Night Teddy Clamshell
Irish Cream Teddy Clamshell
Egyptian Amber Teddy Clamshell
Sold outBum Bum Cream
Bum Bum Cream Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sold outEgyptian Amber Teddy Pot
Egyptian Amber Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50
Sold outArabian Night Teddy Pot