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Kids Takeover

The kids takeover is an umbrella collection containing all the things either chosen, designed, or made by the kids of Teddy Eva Scents. Sales from this range will directly benefit the kids as they'll get 25% of ALL sales deposited into a savings account for when they're older. So far they have just over £740.

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Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy Sale priceFrom £1.50
Swan Lake
Swan Lake Sale priceFrom £1.50
Fairy Felicity
Fairy Felicity Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sparkle Shoe
Sparkle Shoe Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sold outFairy Hideout
Fairy Hideout Sale priceFrom £1.50
Fountain of Youth
Fountain of Youth Sale priceFrom £1.50
Ever wanted to sniff a deer? Well best of luck, they're incredibly hard to catch. Not that I've tried, but every time we got close to a Muntjac Deer it would dart off and run away. Oh, on a side note, this is also a SMELL ELIMINATOR wax melt - so not only will it cover bad smells, it'll remove them too.
Majestic Muntjac Sale priceFrom £1.50
Coconut Cove
Coconut Cove Sale priceFrom £1.50
Chariot of Clouds
Chariot of Clouds Sale priceFrom £1.50
Demon of the Forest
Demon of the Forest Sale priceFrom £1.50
Treasure Island
Treasure Island Sale priceFrom £1.50
Den of Dreams
Den of Dreams Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sold outEnchanted Spring
Enchanted Spring Sale priceFrom £1.50
Buccaneer's Grove
Buccaneer's Grove Sale priceFrom £1.50
Sold outSkull Wax Melt Burner
Ballerina Electric Wax Melt Burner
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty Sale priceFrom £1.50
Nutcracker Sale priceFrom £1.50
Odile Sale priceFrom £1.50
Odette Sale priceFrom £1.50