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Edible Anus

Sale price£4.99

Do you like eating bumholes? What about a chocolate covered bumhole? Well then you might like eating a little bit of edible chocolate anus!

Edible Anus - the Chocolate Bumhole!

Don't panic, these aren't real bum holes. It's just a chocolate made to look like the ring of an anus. Which is the ideal novelty gift for... I donno, maybe your nan? Perhaps she's eaten the odd bumhole in her time and now she'd rather have a chocolate one?

Oh, and if that's not enough for you, why don't you check out our lovely little Naughty Sweets range. We have more than just edible anus for you to eat. We have pusst, cocks, boobs, sperm, all the things to get a party started!

Edible Anus Product Information

  • Weight: 42g of chocolate bumholes
  • 6 Edible Anuses per pack
  • Sexy sleek box to make it look sexier than it is