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Dunking Dickies

Sale price£5.49

Do you like dunking your dick in your coffee? Probably not. But maybe you like the IDEA of doing it but don't want to risk the burns. Well now you can with Dunking Dickies! The traditional British made shortbread biscuits!

Dunking Dickies

These novelty adult snacks are ideal for any hot drink lover out there who's totally into cock too.

  • Contains 4 dick shaped shortbread biscuits
  • Roughly 130g of dick

And if that's not enough then perhaps you'd like other adult snacks to get your mouth around.

Safety Information: 

Suitable for Vegetarians. Produced in a factory and on a production lines that handles Wheat.

Dunking dickies - dick shortbread biscuits
Dunking Dickies Sale price£5.49