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Article: What is Wax Melt Brittle and how do you use it?

What is Wax Melt Brittle and how do you use it?
Wax Melts

What is Wax Melt Brittle and how do you use it?

If you're someone who's looking to add a little bit of fragrance to your home, then you might be surprised by just how many options you have. From candles, to room sprays, to reed diffusers, or air fresheners. But one popular way of adding fragrance to any home is via a wax melt. Or in this case, wax melt brittle.

What is Wax Melt Brittle?

Simply put, wax melt brittle is a version of a wax melt that's very brittle - in other words, it's very easy to break up.

You might see it with other names like wax melt bark, chunks, or even slices. But they're all effectively the same: they're pieces of wax that are scented and designed to melt.

wax melt brittle by Teddy Eva Scents

They often arrives already broken up - like our brittle seen above - making it easy for you to break up further to the desired size of your choosing.

How to use wax melt brittle

If you're unfamiliar with wax melts in general then you might not even know what to do with regular melts, but it's exactly the same as brittle.

All you do is find a wax melt burner, put some of your scented wax in the top, and either turn it on - if it's electric - or use a tea light. 

The only difference with brittle is that it's easier to pick the right amount of wax to melt.

Perhaps you have a fairly small burner and a clamshell segment is too big. That's where brittle comes in. No more trying to snap up a thick segment. Instead, you can easily snap a little off from your brittle and you're good to go.

This also means it might be a little more cost effective as you're in control over how much you use. With the rising cost of living in the UK, that's an added bonus!

If you're wondering how long wax melts last then that's another story altogether.

Some reasons you might want to consider using brittle

  • Brittle is easy to use: Breaking off small pieces of the wax and melting it in a warmer is a simple and convenient way to release fragrance into the air.
  • More control over how much you use: Unlike Teddy Pots or clamshells, you have a lot more control in how much wax you use, meaning it might just last you longer.
  • Less plastic: our brittle arrived in kraft paper bags with a small plastic window. Meaning it's a LOT more eco friendly in terms of the plastic use.

Then it all just depends what scent you're after. We have plenty of bags to pick from and they're £2.99 for 60g worth of wax - which is cheaper than going with a candle. If you're completely new to wax melts, then we might recommend a favourite of ours in Starry Night. But we hopefully have plenty to pick from, so there might be something for everyone!

Let's finish on a joke...

Why did the wax melt brittle break up with the candle?

Because it couldn't handle the heat!

I'll see myself out.

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I have never heard of a wax melt brittle before but I am open to shopping for candles with great scents for my home.


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