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Tamed embodies the balance of restraint and liberation. It's all about gently guiding someone's passions and desires towards a sense of harmony. This fragrance is an ode to the art of letting go, surrendering to a tranquil calmness, and embracing the beauty of controlled emotion. It's about finding peace in the midst of chaos, a soothing whisper in the heart of the storm.

What does Tamed smell like?

Tamed has a slight exotic element to it. Something that's enticing, but perhaps more dormant to the strong notes of calmness. Underneath the hint of sensual warmth, you'll find amber, cedar, musk, and rosewood.

It's almost as if Tamed has found the calm in the chaos.

It's also part of our Dark Masquerade range - which is a range of scents aimed at being mildly erotic.


Tamed Wax Melt Details

  • Size: Our Teddy Pots are small sample-sized wax melts that should be around 15-17g and get you 20+ hours. Meanwhile the clamshells are around 85g and should last over 100 hours.
  • Wax: Our wax is 100% soy wax mixed with mica powder to colour it and give it that shimmer!
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free: Our products, to the best of our knowledge, are all vegan and cruelty-free. If you have any specific concerns then please get in touch.
  • We are CLP compliant and fully insured. The CLP can be found in the product images before you even purchase.
  • Fully recyclable PET plastic clamshell with Resin identification code for practical, household recycling. Just like recycling a bottle of pop!
Tamed Sale price£1.50