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Article: Are Wax Melts Better than Candles?

5 Reasons Why Wax Melts Are Better Than Candles - a blog post by Teddy Eva Scents

Are Wax Melts Better than Candles?

Have you ever sat there and asked yourself "are wax melts better than candles?" -  Well if you have, I'm here to give you 5 reasons why you might want to pick wax melts over candles.

Are Wax Melts Better than Candles: 5 Reasons to go with Wax Melts

Oh, before I begin, I will say that we sell both wax melts and candles. So unlike other posts you might find, you won't find a bias here. People often say that candles are more toxic than wax melts due to the paraffins or the soot.

And whilst it's true that all candles give off soot, the amount released can vary dramatically - in others words, if you have a lot of soot, you have a bad candle. If both are made with soy wax then that negates any possible issues you might have with paraffin.

Anyway... let's get to our 5 reasons you might want to pick wax melts over candles.

1 - Wax Melts are usually cheaper than candles

Due to the fact that candles require more materials to be made than wax melts - we know, we make them - it typically means they're more expensive.

In fairness, both candles and wax melts require very similar things when it comes to manufacturing them. They both need wax - oh really!? - they both need fragrance oil, they might both be coloured, and they both need some sort of container to hold the wax.


The vessel that holds a candle is almost ALWAYS going to be more expensive than that of a wax melt.

For our Teddy Clamshells, we use recyclable plastic which is cheaper to produce than a glass candle vessel.

Candles also take a little bit longer to make, and they're usually bigger, adding more to the cost.

In essence, wax melts are almost always the cheaper option when it comes to fragrancing your home - like our Teddy Pot samples.

2. With wax melts, you don't NEED a flame

Don't get me wrong, you can totally use a flame if you want to light a wax melt. But you don't NEED one.

You can just use an electric burner. Thus minimising the risk of any drastic accidents happening around the home.

This is especially helpful if you happen to live with children or pets. Even more so if you have a bloody cat.

3 - Wax melts usually last longer than candles do

If we're talking on a gram vs gram basis, I would say that a wax melt would last longer than a candle. And that's mainly down to the fact that a wax melt isn't using the wax as fuel when burning.

Technically speaking, the only thing a wax melt burns off is the fragrance oil, and not the wax itself.

Meanwhile, a candle will burn it ALL as it goes.

Don't get me wrong, a wax melt will get less fragrant the more times it's burned. And how long a wax melt lasts can vary from melt to melt. But generally speaking, wax melts will last a little bit longer than candles.

If you want a more in-depth article on the burn time of wax melts, then we've covered that one too.

4. You can control the scent easier with wax melts

Have you ever lit and candle and found that it was a little bit too strong for you? What's the answer if that happens?

Well, you don't really have much choice. Sure, you could light it for a little bit and blow it out, but you risk allowing your candle to tunnel if you blow it out too soon.

But with a wax melt YOU control how strong it is.

Rather than add a full Teddy Pot, you could just cut it in half. If you want a lighter throw, don't add two cubes of a clamshell, add one.

If you have an electric burner, don't whack it all the way up, turn it down a little.

Or if you want to go mental and absolutely ram the house full of fragrance, just pile it all into one massive burner.

With wax melts, you have much more say in how strong or weak the scent throw is. With candles, you only have one options: lighting it.

5 - Candles usually have more waste than wax melts

Ever bought a massive candle and been super excited to light it? Then you find after a few lights it's tunnelled and you have unused wax up the sides?

Well, you won't get that with wax melts.

To be fair, you shouldn't get that with candles either. And often tunnelling comes down to either a poor candle, or poor candle use. We recommend you burn a candle for 4 hours when you first light OR until it has a full melt pool - which ever comes first.

Either way, with wax melts, there's no worry of even thinking about a melt pool.

What if you just want to light it for a quick hour? Well, fear not. With a wax melt you totally can and it won't effect it on the next burn.

Oh, then you also have the vessel to sort out after you've used the candle.

To be fair, you can just use it for storage. Which is probably better than having to recycle plastic. So whilst both products have waste - technically everything does - there's probably a little less waste when it comes to wax melts.

You have to ask yourself what you want before picking

Before you decide whether you want to go with a wax melt or a candle you have to ask yourself what you want from the product.

If you want ease of use and a larger variety of scents then you'll easily see why wax melts are better than candles.

Meanwhile you might not want to mess about with having a burner, changing the wax, finding a tealight or a plug socket. You just want a nice candle to light when you sit down and chill out, perhaps with a good book.

Either way, we honestly enjoy both here at Teddy Eva Scents, and perhaps you do too. Ok, maybe candles and wax melts are BOTH perfectly fine choices.


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