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Story Time Candles

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Welcome to our Story Time Candles! This is our attempt at providing any book lover with the perfect gift - so if you like candles AND books, then you might just enjoy Story Time Candles. The idea is simple...

You pick the book, we'll pair the scent!

All you have to do is a pick your chosen book from the available options and we'll pair it with a scent that we feel matches the book. We'll even throw in a bar of chocolate - which might vary - a tea bag, and a book mark and you're good to go!

Story Time Candles

One of the core beliefs we have at Teddy Eva Scents is that we want to help people to find the calm in the chaos. We understand that life can be hectic and busy and perhaps you always seem to prioritise everyone else instead of yourself. We're here to help change that.

Story Time Candles are our way of giving you the chance to sit down with a new book, light a candle that helps add to the atmosphere of the book, and relax.

If you're wondering what books we have on offer, then feel free to take a look!



Story Time Candles
Story Time Candles Sale price£22.00