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You are more than welcome to ask for fragrances that you'd love to try. You can either drop us a message on Instagram, email us or even search for the scent you want using the search icon at the top of the page. Every search gets collected, so if 100 people search for "banana" we may just make that scent as clearly there's a demand.

We honestly want to be as eco-conscious as we possibly can be. As far as we are aware, everything we send out is either fully recyclable or compostable. I have my doubts about things labelled "biodegradable" as these are often quite misleading and can still leave behind harmful chemicals or simply end up in landfill anyway.

Our clamshells are not only fully recyclable - made from PET - but they also have the correct category recycling symbol. This means that the recycling centre knows what to do with them. This is incredibly important in the realistic ability for something to be recycled. Using these clamshells are essentially the same as buying a bottle of pop as they both contain the same recycling symbol.

As for everything else, our packages are all fully recyclable:

  • Packing boxes = Cardboard and fully recyclable
  • Packing tape = Kraft paper and fully recyclable
  • Packing filler = Paper and fully recyclable
  • Waffle packaging = Cellulose based bio-film made from renewable resources (wood-pulp from managed plantations) and fully compostable. This packaging should disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in 10-12 weeks in standard composting conditions.
  • Stickers = Labels are 100% recyclable

We use 100% natural soy wax that's been specifically designed for use in wax melts.

Once you've placed an order we will do our best to get that order out to you as quickly as possible. Everything for sale on this store is ready-made and ready to be packaged up and sent. So we'll say 3-5 days for items to be sent out. There's a strong chance it'll be done faster, but since we have two small children, one of which is a crazed nutcase (Isabelle) and the other a feeding-on-demand baby (Archie) there may be a slight delay.

Everything will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class via the 2D barcode system to keep postage costs low for you! That, and we trust you enough to not need it to be signed for to prove that you received it. Besides, 2D barcodes with Royal Mail can be traced at the point of scan, so there's really no need. And I do work for Royal Mail, but no I do not receive a staff discount. I know, we really should get something!

Oh, and we also offer free delivery on orders over £25, so we really are trying our very best to not make postage an issue for you as a buyer.

Rather than typing a load here, we actually have a refund policy page which will go into what happens if you want to return an item or want a refund.

I guess this question depends on how well things sell. We'll try and add stock to the store every two weeks, maybe quicker if we can. But with two young children and with this being a side gig, it does mean we don't have huge amounts of time to produce and add stock.

I know that burn time is a big thing when people order wax melts, and it's something I've always found quite hard to accurately answer. Over the past few months, we've obviously been using our wax melts in our own home. So we feel like we can be fairly accurate with our burn times.

I'd say that our 6 segment clamshells could easily get four to six, 4-hour burns for every ONE segment added to a burner. We always use 4-hour tealights so it's easy to work out. We usually give them four burns before changing, sometimes less because we want something else, sometimes more if it's one of our favourites. So what's the maths on that? Roughly 16-24 hours times 6 for each segment? 96-144 hours burn time on one of our clamshells.

That almost sounds like its being far too hyperbolic. So just for the sake of argument we'll just say you should be able to easily get 80+ hours out of a single clamshell. How's that?

Absolutely. We've even gone as far as adding our CLP labels - minus contact info - to the product descriptions so you can see exactly what each wax melt contains. If you happen to be worried about anything that may be in a wax melt, then you'll be able to see before you buy. Failing that, you can always message us and ask any questions regarding the contents that you may have.

As far as we are aware everything we sell is vegan or cruelty free. Products - both what we sell and the products we purchase to make the melts - have not been tested on animals.

Now, this is a very difficult question that most stores give a very quick "yes, our products are safe to use around animals and children." I don't want to be as dismissive and simple as that - mainly because I struggle seeing things as black and white. Anyone who says their products are 100% safe around children and animals are potentially lying. That's like saying peanuts are safe before knowing if someone has an allergy.

I also don't want to scare you away from buying by giving off the impression that there's a high risk with our wax melts. Truth be told, every person is different, and some people may be allergic to certain chemicals, perhaps some chemicals just don't work well with someone or someone may light a large amount of wax in a very small room and increase the concentration of fragrance in the air.

I will do a blog post in the coming months about how you can minimise the potential risk of using wax melts around children and dogs. But if you are worried simply go for wax melts that contain fewer chemicals. We have the CLPs posted with the products so you can accurately make those types of choices when purchasing.

Excellent question and I'm glad you asked. Basically the Teddy Eva Club is a rewards system that gives you Teddy points every time you make a purchase. These Teddy points can then be exchanged for money off when you purchase something online. I've written a blog post about it which you can find at the top of the page under the "Teddy Eva Club" link.

Probably not, but I actually enjoyed writing all these so there!