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Teddy Points

If you're looking for discounts at Teddy Eva Scents, then you're pretty much in the right place. This is just a brief explanation on how our Teddy Points system works and what you can get.

Teddy Points - Our cashback rewards system

Basically, the Teddy Eva Club - which is the super sexy name we've given to this exclusive club - is a rewards system. For every £1 you spend online you will receive one teddy point. You also get 10 points for signing up, and 50 points on your birthday!

Every 20 teddy points gets you £1 to spend on a future order. In other words, you get 5% cashback.

It basically works like this:

  • 20 points = £1
  • 100 points = £5
  • 150 points = 15% off
  • 200 points = £10

You can either spend them as you go along, or save them all up for one MASSIVE discount! It's entirely up to you.

How do I join the Teddy Eva Club?

I'm glad you asked! In order to join the Teddy Eva Club you'll have to sign up via the gift icon on the lower right-hand side of the website. Simply follow the steps on there and you'll immediately be granted 10 Teddy Points (£1) towards your first or next order. How awesome and easy is that?

How do I earn points?

Obviously the main way you'll be able to earn Teddy points is by spending money online - I think I mentioned that already. Do you remember the bit where I said: "For every £1 you spend online you will receive one teddy point" - So if you were to place an order for £20 you would receive 20 Teddy points which would be £1 off your next order.

Either that, or you could continue to save them up. Say you have 5 £20 orders, you would then have 100 points and you can save £5 next time you order. Or, save them up for the big 15% off one.

Of course, there are a few other ways you can earn your Teddy points. For a start, we give you 50 points on your birthday.

And that's it. That's our little Teddy Point system.