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It Was Never a Phase

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I actually really like the idea behind this emo inspired wax melt. It's all about the journey of growing up. Remember those teenage years? When everything felt intensely profound, be it that whirlwind romance or the bands whose lyrics seemed to speak directly to your soul.

Many called it a phase, and expected it to fade away as the years rolled by.

But here's the twist: it wasn't just a phase.

That teenage romance? It blossomed into a marriage. Those tracks that once blared through your headphones? They're still on your playlist, they still mean a lot to you even if they often find themselves as the backdrop to your life.

What does "It was never a phase" smell like?

This wax melt has a strong sexiness to it. Which makes sense when it's actually a dupe of Goddess Intense by Thierry Mugler - the same designer behind Alien.

This scent isn't just about recalling the past; it's a tribute to the roles you embrace today. Whether you're juggling duties as a mother, a partner, or standing strong in your individuality, you're more than just one thing.

You're a Goddess.

Embrace it.

It was never a phase Wax Melt Details

  • Size: Our Teddy Pots are small sample-sized wax melts that should be around 15-17g and get you 20+ hours. Meanwhile the clamshells are around 85g and should last over 100 hours.
  • Wax: Our wax is 100% soy wax mixed with mica powder to colour it and give it that shimmer!
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free: Our products, to the best of our knowledge, are all vegan and cruelty-free. If you have any specific concerns then please get in touch.
  • We are CLP compliant and fully insured. The CLP can be found in the product images before you even purchase.
  • Fully recyclable PET plastic clamshell with Resin identification code for practical, household recycling. Just like recycling a bottle of pop!

Watch it get poured!

@teddyevascents Replying to @Avi🦓 I do proper like this one fair play! It was never a phase #teddyevascents #itwasneveraphasemom ♬ original sound - Teddy Eva Scents
It Was Never a Phase
It Was Never a Phase Sale price£1.50