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Personalised Wedding Favour Wax Melts

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Are you looking for personalised wax melts to go as wedding favours for an upcoming wedding in the UK? Well if you are, then we might just have what you're after.

Personalised Wedding Favour Wax Melts

Please read the following description before just buying these wedding favours.

As you can tell, it's currently priced as £0 due to the fact that these will always be custom orders and this was the easiest way to do it.

If you do want to chat about wedding favours with us then you can either email us to talk about the options. Or DM us on Instagram. Or simply purchase this product and we'll be forced to email you going "hey, what's up?"

What we can do for Wax Melt Wedding Favours

Here's a short version of what we can do:

  • Custom scented sample wax melts using our Teddy Pots
  • Personalised design
  • Scent chosen by you
  • Colour of the wax melt chosen by you

So, first things first, we have our Teddy Pots. These are our wax melt samples that are ideal for little wedding favours. They weigh around 15-17g and usually cost £1.20 per pot.

Pricing on these may change depending on the order quantity that you desire.

We will NOT charge an additional design fees unless you are under the minimum of 60 pots.

There will be no postage costs or anything else either.

Here's what else we can do...

We absolutely CAN make these favours personalised to you.

And by that we mean that you can pick the scent - as long as the scent is doable - you can pick the colours, and you can even pick the design. Here's a weird little mock up of us two on the front of a potential wedding favour.

Personalised Wedding Favour Wax Melts design image


Yes I know, we look cute.

But you might not want that.

You might want a photo of your cat. One of the first picture you ever took together. Whatever it is that's personal to you, we can try to do it. Just try to avoid nudity. It probably won't go down well at a wedding. Hen party however, well let's just say we have you covered too with our Cockshells.

What's the price on the wedding favours?

Truth be told, the price on this totally depends on what you want.

If you simply want Teddy Pots with a custom design and you don't care about the scent then that'll be the lowest option.

If you wanted three of them together in a cute organza bag, then it'll be a little more. It all depends on what you want. But we can discuss this via email should you wish to get in touch.

So yeah, that's our wax melt wedding favours.

Personalised Wedding Favour Wax Melts
Personalised Wedding Favour Wax Melts Sale price$0.00