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Vapour Teddy Pot

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If you're looking for Vicks style wax melts, then you might like vapour rub!

What does Vapour Rub smell like?

As you might be able to guess, this wax melt very much smells like the eucalyptus and menthol based scent that Vicks do.

On a technical note, I cannot guarantee that this wax melt will actually help with a blocked nose, but some people have said it's helpful. I doubt very much I can legally say that's the case though.

So it's enterily up to you. If you're looking for Vicks styled wax melts, then this is the one you're after.


Vapour (Vicks) Teddy Pot Details

  • Size: Our Teddy Pots are small sample-sized wax melts that should be around 15-17g. Perfect if you want to try a scent before moving up to our Teddy Clamshells!
  • Wax: We use 100% soy wax, blending it with mica powder to create a vibrant color and shimmering effect!
  • Our wax melts, to the best of our knowledge, are all vegan and cruelty-free - even this Vicks one. If you have any specific concerns then please get in touch.
  • We are CLP compliant and fully insured. You can find the CLP in the product images before even making a purchase.
  • Fully recyclable PET plastic clamshell with Resin identification code for practical, household recycling. Just like recycling a bottle of pop!
Vapour (Vicks Vapour Rub) Teddy Pot - Sample Wax Melt
Vapour Teddy Pot Sale price£1.50