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Coconut Cove Teddy Clamshell

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Dare to set sail on a voyage where the excitement of pirates clashes with the mysterious allure of Coconut Cove? This isn't your typical island paradise; it's a place where adventure takes a dark turn.

What does Coconut Cove smell like?

In the land of Coconut Cove the air is thick with the rich, intoxicating aroma of fresh coconuts mingled with an island paradise.

Coconut Cove Teddy Clamshell Details

  • Size: Our Teddy Clamshells weigh around 85g and should last you around 100 hours.
  • If you're unsure about trying our clamshells, then why not try our Teddy Pots instead!
  • Wax: Our wax is 100% soy wax mixed with mica powder to colour it and give it that shimmer!
  • Our products, to the best of our knowledge, are all vegan and cruelty-free. If you have any specific concerns then please get in touch.
  • We are CLP compliant and fully insured. The CLP can be found in the product images before you even purchase.
  • Fully recyclable PET plastic clamshell with Resin identification code for practical, household recycling. Just like recycling a bottle of pop!