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Oral Fun Board Game

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Do you like board games and oral? Well that's a very niche combination, but luckily for you we have something that might just work: The Oral Fun Board Game!

What's in the Oral Fun Board Game?

Inside the box you'll get the board itself to play the game on. Then you'll get two playing pieces - yes, it's a two player game - and then a dice, and some playing cards.

The cards are trivia cards that might be needed depending on what space you move onto.

How to play

Playing this board game is fairly simple. All you have to do to start is roll the dice. You'll then land on a square that will have a few possibilities of what to do next:

  • Kiss - As you might expect, if you land on this square you'll have to use your mouth. Perhaps you'll have to kiss the favourite part of your partners body, or give them a sensual french kiss. Either way, your mouth will be in play.
  • Joker - Less sexual, more fun. The Joker space might have you doing make-up, making a trout pose, or waggling your tongue.
  • Lube - Have some lube at the ready for this one. I'll let you use your imagination as to where you'll be needing it.
  • Blindfold - Land on this one and you'll be playing in the dark. Maybe you'll have to verbally direct your partner, play hide-and-seek, or enjoy more oral. It is the oral fun board game after all.
  • Food & Drink - Ever played with food during sex? If not, then you're about to. Maybe you'll have to play with some ice, have your partner eat a strawberry from between your teeth, or use a body pen and lick it all off.
  • Trivia - Land on a trivia square and you'll have to answer a question. It's down to you guys to decide the rewards and the forfeits.
  • Cheers! - Take a sip of your drink!

That's the oral fun board game!

This game forces you to exercise your mouth around the board, kissing, licking and sucking your way to a blissful finish, where the pleasure is all yours…

And obviously it's whoever gets to the last square - number 69 of course - is the winner. Although in fairness, this sounds like a win win type of game if you ask me.