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Plum & Rhubarb Aroma Diffuser Oil - 10ml

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If you're looking to add fragrance to your home without the use of a wax melt, then our 10ml fragrance oils for diffusers could be the perfect solution for you. These concentrated aroma diffuser oils are designed to be used with either an electric diffuser/humidifier or an oil burner, helping to disperse your chosen aroma throughout your home. This one is Plum & Rhubarb!

Plum & Rhubarb Aroma Diffuser Oil - 10ml


Don't get me wrong, the rhubarb is a terrible fruit. Is it a fruit? It can't be a fruit. That's mental if it's a fruit. Ha! It's actually a vegetable - I Googled it - which is weird because people are putting it in pies. Like dessert pies. Anyway...

When you mix rhubarb with plum you get a lovely smell. Who would've guessed that, right? But apparently, despite the fact that rhubarb sucks as a food - it makes for a wonderful scent.

How to Use 10ml Fragrance Oils: Diffuser or Oil Burner

When it comes to using 10ml fragrance oils in your home, you essentially have two practical options: using a diffuser/humidifier or an oil burner. We'll keep it short here, but we do have a more comprehensive guide on how to use 10ml fragrance oils.

In both methods, you'll mix your fragrance oil with water, which acts as a carrier for the oil. Heat is then used to disperse the evaporating oil, releasing the fragrance into your space.

If you're using an electric diffuser or humidifier, follow the instructions provided with your device. Typically, it's as followed:

  • Add correct amount of water
  • Add desired amount of fragrance - typically 4-7 drops
  • Switch on your device/add a tea light

And it's as simple as that.


Plum & Rhubarb diffuser oil 10ml
Plum & Rhubarb Aroma Diffuser Oil - 10ml Sale price£3.50