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Spicy Story Time Bundle

Sale price£27.00

We've already done our perfectly normal Story Time Candles so now it's time to do the whole "Teddy Eva Scents" thing and make it a little more "spicy."

Spicy Story Time Bundle

Since this one doesn't come with a candle, we can't quite call it a Story Time Candle - we are testing more, don't worry. So instead, the book will be paired with wax melts from our Dark Masquerade range. Which is a range with a slight erotic vibe to it.

BUT... with this bundle you get something a little spicier instead: a SEX TOY. Or massager if TikTok asks.

All in all, you get the following:

  • Say You Swear Book - gift wrapped
  • PINK wand sex toy
  • Bar of chocolate
  • One Teddy Clamshell
  • 4 Teddy Pots
  • Bookmark
  • Hot Chocolate

The clamshells and pots will vary, but they will be scents from the Dark Masquerade range.

This might be a decent gift for any BookTok fan.